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Another classic - great stuff as always

I really liked the concept of this game, it had a unique element to it, but unfortunately I couldn't get over the time it takes to pick up the flower.

It slowed the entire game down to a halt - I understand keeping animations in, but having it creates this weird pause in the gameplay that becomes slightly frustrating.

This could be avoided by giving you a flower on re-spawn, or causing a check point on picking up a flower to avoid having to the animation again.

Personal preference as well, but I think if the petal shot upwards and forwards, with you having to jump into rather than onto it would produce slightly better feedback. I found sometimes I would over shoot the landing, turn back on myself and petal-float backwards

Outside of this I think this is a solid puzzle platformer with an interesting and somewhat creepy yume nikki styile vibe to it.

HealliesGames responds:

It would have been more interesting if the animation had somehow acted in terms of gameplay,
which is currently happening only in a small section further.

But I realize as a player, as soon as I arrive at the solution, is more rewarding to be able to implement it without hindrance.

Was really penalizing working alone, without letting anyone to test it.

I'm glad you liked the mood, though! Never heard of Yume Nikki before; it seems quite interesting.

I will take notes for the future, thanks for the review and for playing, Joel!

I chose this randomly from your profile and it had me hooked! Again you nailed the NES graphics and difficult - I can't imagine how long it must have taken you timing all those platforms to sync up properly - Eventually, I began to trust the game design knowing that even though there didn't look like there was enough time to make the jumps there was. Really solid man, loved it!

Gypopothomas responds:

Whoa! Love seeing feedback for my old games! Thanks a lot! Aye, designing the levels took a lot of trial and error and making everything up on the spot! Haha!

I played this over on Itch.io Fantastic game, so polished and really nails the old NES graphics

Gypopothomas responds:


Short and sweet - cute graphics and sounds, looking forward to more levels

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